Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blooming & Blossoming

It was another lesson at NIE/NTU. Due to an accident on PIE, I arrived slightly later than I'd anticipated.

We explored several engaging and enlightening purposes of 'Assessment', to which I contributed, as a purpose, 'for the child's self-awareness and self-knowledge'. This works both ways - if a child knows he has been performing well in Science (as evidenced by the various tests and scores that he has received), he, not only experiences moments of joy, but knows he has the aptitude for Science, and may, eventually, wear the hat of a Scientist.

On the other hand, if a child has been scoring only mediocre marks in Math, there are 2 options open to him: {1} buck up, pull up his sock, get his act together, and do everything within his power to improve; {2} take the view that he may not quite have what it takes to up Math to a higher level. In the latter case, he may decide to focus on building his expertise in French, and, may, end up as a teacher of French!

Bloom's Taxonomy was briefly mentioned to us as we studied on the instrument of assessment. The "interactive lecture" (as opposed to "traditional lecture") concluded with the assertation that assessment is a 2-prong process: data collection and data analysis/interpretation, for a variety of purposes. By the way, assessment is not hard science!

There are a few more examples of dichotomy that I took home that night:

1. subjective vs. objective

2. ability vs. achievement

3. validity vs. reliability

4. summative vs. formative

5. affective vs. cognitive

6. facility index vs. discrimation index

7. alternative vs. orthodox (modes of assessment)

These all need elaboration, which I will do soon!

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